Fly over 16 kilometers of progress with awesome airplane planes on the big map, full of forests, canyons, hills and mountains!

Complete dozens of faulty missions and become a professional helicopter pilot.

xHelicopter Rescue Simulator contains 20 free episodesx

Choose from military helicopter (like Apache or Mi-8), civilian helicopter (Bell, Hughes, Ecureuil), transport or dog to fly.

Take control of the fire helicopter to put out water and fire.

He used the "Skylift" helicopter for electro media stabilization placement.

Or choose the "Apache" helicopter to fire rockets and engage in combat.

Example tasks:

, Winching: Using the helicopter to remove people

,Forest and building fire: Take some water and it will extinguish the fire.

, Remove scrap: Raise the scrap vehicle with your electromagnetic and scrap- go go

, Help from the people of the car accident

, Storm, take the tubes of the night mountains

Police chase soldier and try to follow 4x4 (SUV).

Pass as fast as possible for all control

unloading a container ship with a magnet

, with rockets for all relief services and road

, Jump on the moving truck and boat

,Stop and catch all gangster members with your military

Take out the map to find 20 spots to find, or fly around like.

The minimap lets you know where it is.

Come and explore this environment to punctuate the point to be explored.

Fly around and see rivers, lakes, an ancient Sami temple, project with other planes and helicopters, trail houses and farms, cottages, campsite and smaller...

Features :

,A new map full of Wide Roads, mountains, canyon, hills and forests

,Realistic flight simulation

, Realistic flight physics

, high quality helicopter

,Dynamic camera angles

Easy to play, game controls - play and rotate the game!

To play without lag, you can adjust the quality,

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